Christchurch is shaking again but with laughter

After months of quakes and aftershocks, Christchurch residents  have been hanging out for some comic relief.

Last week the comic relief arrived. 

The 18th annual World Buskers Festival, a ten day extravaganza of extreme street theater,  hit  Christchurch city. 

It’s a time for bellies, not buildings, to be shaking as more than 50 highly versatile and talented buskers from around the world set up their pitch around the city and strut their stuff in some of the most colorful, musical, and flexible ways.

From contortionists to ventriliquists, knife throwers to knife swallowers, jugglers to dancers, rappers to hip hop,  these buskers are brilliant at forcing people to smile and shake with laughter. 


This year’s line up includes many of the city’s favorites –  The Blackstreet Boys, the half naked chef, Mullethead, Rubberband Boy – name but a few.  You can discover more about these acts and others that are performing at the World Buskers Festival site.

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