iPad Your Way Around the World in 18 Days

Can a travel book read like a blog, look like a coffee table book, and offer interactive maps and video clips?

I’d have said no but that was before I spent the weekend reading  Around the World in 18 Days by graphic designer and photographer Andy Davies.

Designed specifically for the iPad, this interactive travel book provides a fresh look at some of the world’s most exotic and interesting locations – Hong Kong, Singapore, Cairo, Istanbul, Venice, Zurich, Bruges, London and Paris.

By combining an energetic and lively writing style with amazing photographs, Davies manages to draw the reader into each city’s labyrinth to such a degree that you literally feel that you are there.  With the tap of the finger, you move from city to city, image to image, and with the inline video clips from the sounds of fish markets to prayer calls to the bells of Big Ben.

The  experience is further enhanced with  full screen HDR image galleries featuring key images optimized for viewing both horizontally and vertically.  (sample slideshow here).

But that’s not all.

Davies has added in maps, travel tips, and an comprehensive guide to taking better travel photographs, making this 100 page interactive travel book a must read for all dedicated armchair travelers.

Download your copy of Around the World in 18 Days today for $2.99.

(Disclaimer:  The author provided a complimentary copy of Around the World in 18 Days for review)

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