The first edition of Perceptive Travel Webzine 2011

Be warned.

This first edition of Perceptive Travel webzine for 2011 is not for those who like their travel neat and tidy.

Focusing on the weird and wonderful, this edition offers three uniquely entertaining and enlightening stories.

Beth Whitman writes about the Bhutanese lama known as the Divine Madman who encouraged a rather loose interpretation of marriage and transformed the Bhutan countryside into a land bursting with phallic symbols.

Ayun Halliday offers a tongue in check approach to finding really wild wildlife in New York City. Forget the zoo, it turns out that there’s vermin everywhere you turn in the city. 

Rachel Dickinson tags along with a falconer in Wyoming watching falcons perform high-speed kills on the Open Plains.  

Plus Tim Leffel has a round up of Latino music reviews and Susan Griffith provides three travel books reviews that take wildly different approaches to giving a voice to marginalized groups and individuals.

As for this month’s giveaway, there’s a a new Tarmac 22 rugged carry-on wheelie suitcase from Eagle Creek on offer. To win, watch your inbox for our newsletter (subscribe here) or follow us on Facebook and watching for the contest announcement.

Happy New Year and happy reading…

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