The History of Travel at the Henry Ford Museum

The Wellner who is interested in all things automobile is not this one.

It’s my husband Phil, whose first word was “car”, who races cars, and who is an encyclopedia of all things auto.  I always miss him when I’m traveling, but I was especially bummed that he wasn’t with me the other day, when I toured the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, near Detroit.

There were all sorts of interesting four-wheeled things to gawk at, from Kennedy’s limo (yes, the very one he was shot in) to the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile.

But what caught my eye the most were the displays on the evolution of the American way of travel. Automobiles weren’t just a way to get from point A to point B, they influenced the development of guidebooks (brought to you by automobile clubs and tire companies),  created the modern hotel,  the fast food industry…


…and, of course, single-handedly invented a mode of travel I’ve never quite cottoned to, RVing.

And check out what I spotted in this guidebook display!  On the lower left, it’s a copy of the Negro Motorist’s Green Book — which I’d written about here previously.


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