The December 2010 Issue of Perceptive Travel Magazine

As usual, the latest issue of Perceptive Travel Magazine dishes up some great travel stories, just the thing to get your mind off the bad weather and the stress of holiday shopping.

This month….


Jeff Greenwald writes about his experiences as a journalist in Kathmandu, Nepal before and during 199’s “People Power” Revolution.

Lea Aschkenas writes a heart warming story about how a message-in-a-bottle, washing ashore in a supposed enemy land, built a bridge of friendship between an American sailor and a Cuban family.

Meanwhile,  Zora O’Neill sets out to discover the hidden jems of Cancun in Cancun Is the New Tulum.

This month’s travel book reviews focus on anthologies with A Moveable Feast (a Lonely Planet compilation of fine food stories), New Orleans: What Can’t Be Lost (stories and photos paying homage to New Orleans), and In Many Wars, By Many War Correspondents  (a re-released collection of stories from war correspondents originally compiled in 1904).

And in the World Music Review column, Garifuna meets West Africa, Afro-European chamber music, Copal, and the South Indian Nagore Sessions.

Plus there’s the monthly giveaway to be won. This month, Perceptive Travel is giving away three different rugged but lightweight Ultra-Sil stuff bags from Sea to Summit.  You could get the daypack pictured here, a shopping bag, or the new Sling Bag. All stuff down into a tiny pouch. Editor Tim Leffel personally vouches  for these bags, saying he travels with them all the time.

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