The ‘Faces of Scandinavia’ Campaign Targets U.S. Travelers

It’s hard to believe, given all that’s happened since I returned home to Christchurch, that only a few months ago I was floating around the Baltic on the Star Princess, taking in the sights, being amazed by the scenery and enthralled by the people.

Visiting Scandinavia was the highlight of the three month long world trip I was taking with my mother, sadly to be cut short by an  illness that resulted in being stranded in Olso for a week.

But that one brief taste of Scandinavia has left me wanting more.

And this recently launched  ‘Faces of Scandinavia’  campaign, created by VisitDenmark, Innovation Norway, VisitSweden and Icelandair, only adds to my desire to return to the region.

This unique campaign features famous US-based Scandinavians promoting their favorite local travel destinations around Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Read their personal travel stories and recommendations to get a local perspective of the place and then leave a comment for a chance to win a three day trip to Scandinavia  for two that includes

  • two roundtrip tickets with Icelandair to Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm
  • two nights in a fabulous hotel in each city
  • overnight cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen
  • train from Copenhagen to Stockholm
  • City Cards for sightseeing in each city

Or you could win the 2nd place prize of

  • a 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G
  • the travel application Guidepal

I’d enter but sadly, it’s only open to US residents. 

So what are you waiting for?

 Why not give it a go…

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