Help Build a Village in India with Passports with Purpose

Put a few travel bloggers together and you can all but guarantee they will be talking about travel and writing.

But three years ago, a conversation between these four Seattle travel bloggers – Pam Mandel (Nerd’s Eye View) , Beth Whitman (Wanderlust and Lipstick ), Michelle Duffy (WanderMom), and Debbie Dubrow (Delicious Baby) – evolved into something more than just talk about travel plans.

It evolved into a annual fundraising event – Passports with Purpose – that last year raised enough money to build a school in Cambodia (readabout the Passports School in Cambodia) .

This year,  Passports with Purpose is back with the goal of raising enough money to  build a village in Southern India with Land for Tillers’ Freedom (LAFTI) and their non-profit branch based in the U.S., Friends of LAFTI Foundation!

And given the generosity of time and money from travel bloggers around the world, it sure looks like an attainable goal.

There’s still a way to go, but as this great fundraising exercise doesn’t finish until Dec 15th, there is still time to join the Travel bloggers community and donate.

Here’s what you do.

Head on over to the Passport with Purpose site and pick out prizes that interest you. Then buy tickets ($10 each) for that prize.

It’s that simple.


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