Only the world’s largest will do at ‘Go Big or Go Home’.

Here at Perceptive Travel blog we have a  ‘biggest highest longest category’ where we highlight some of the unique, bizarre, and eccentric sights we come across on our travels. Ranging from super-sized bodies to corrugated towns to underground cathedrals, we’ve really only skimmed the surface of what’s out there in the big, wide world.  
At Go Big or Go Home, however, freelance writer Traci Suppa has created  an entire travel blog focusing on the “world’s largest”  whatever…wherever.  Taking to the road, family in tow, she has made it her goal to actively seek out and report on the most unusual attractions she can find through out the world.

Go big or Go Home has only been online a few months but has already built up a great collection of entertaining and humorous posts featuring diverse topics such as the World’s Largest Dairy, the tallest tree house, and the world’s second largest garden gnome.       

It’s the perfect site for anyone who’s interested in adding a little oddity to their travels.


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  2. liz November 29, 2010

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