The November 2010 Edition of Perceptive Travel Magazine

Another month, another great issue of Perceptive Travel magazine to read. 


Amy Rosen forsakes regular meals for a weekend of carbo-loading in Paris in ‘Can a Croissant Change Your Life?’ Following the recommendations of food writer Alan Richman, Amy wanders through Paris in search of croissants and coffee and in the end discovers it’s really not about the food, it’s about a way of life.

In That First Night in Cairo, Jim Johnston writes about being enticed into an informal, whirlwind tour of Cairo by a stranger meet on a street corner. Taken through maze-like back alleys, fatheer makers’ kitchens, and local buses, Jim and his companion saw a side of the city that most travelers only dream of. But it came with a price…

Living in vagabond style existence, Luke Armstrong had little use for a suit until he had to step up and attend a function for respectable people. In Third World Tailors Make Suits, Third World Tailors Make Men,  Luke Armstrong discovers the art of buying a tailor made suit in Antigua, Guatemala.

And as usual, Tim Leffel reviews another great collection of world music albums and Gillain Kendall is back with three more book reviews

Plus there’s the monthly giveaway.

This month, there are three copies of USA’s Best TRIPS: 99 Themed Itineraries Across America from Lonely Planet. This is a 712-page book jammed full of road trip ideas from Alaska to Florida, a $25 value

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Happy reading!

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