Oklahoma’s Route 66 two for one: POPS plus Round Barn

POPS Arcadia six-pack soda sampler and yummy shake (photo by Sheila Scarborough)If you need an excuse to jump off of the Interstate 35 north-south grind, then I have a deal for you in the tiny town of Arcadia, near Oklahoma City.

In my Dad’s road trip travel vernacular, it’s an “easy-off, easy-on” stop.

Located about a mile from one another are the futuristic POPS soda shop, diner and gas station, and the historic red Round Barn.

POPS features hundreds of different kinds of soda, good burgers and diner food, shakes so thick you have to eat ’em with a spoon and really colorful surroundings both inside and out.

The red Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

Don’t miss the giant 66-foot-tall soda pop bottle out front that lights up at night.

A bit to the east is the unique Round Barn, built in 1898 and restored by a dedicated group of volunteers starting in the late 1980s.

It’s two stories tall and has been a landmark for Route 66 travelers for decades. Yes, you can tour around inside it and check out the interesting acoustics.

After visiting both on a perfect sunshine-filled day, I could hardly bear to reset cruise control on the Interstate.

Go get your kicks….

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