New Zealand Winery Commemorates the Day the Ground Moved Like Jelly

Ever since my hometown of Christchurch decided to transform itself from The Garden City to The City that Rocks, I’ve been busy stocking up the wine rack.

Call it my survival kit if you will, but what better way to ride out a shake or two than with a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  It’s a risk as the wine rack sits above the shelves in the kitchen but I figure if we get there in time, we can always catch a bottle as it comes flying out of the rack.

Turns out I’m not the only one turning to a wine or two as this city keeps on shaking (2000 plus and still counting). One local winery, Mud House, has just brought out a specially blended Sauvignon Blanc to commemorate the day that ‘the ground moved like jelly.’

The name and the drawing on the bottle is the work of eight year old Bella King. In a story that graced the national Sunday Star Times the weekend following the 7.1 earthquake, she compared the quake to a bowl of the wobbling gelatine dessert – a  pretty apt and imaginative description.

Mud House Winery thought so too. They bottled up this emotion into 5000 cases of Sauvignon Blanc and are selling it throughout the country, with the majority of the money from wine sales donated to the Canterbury Earthquake mayoral fund.

Always happy to donate to the cause, I’ve loaded up the few empty spots in the wine rack with bottles of The Day the Ground Moved Like Jelly.  The plan is to hold onto them until next year. But if the Christchurch keeps shaking, they might not last that long.

Meanwhile, while the locals are sipping wine and contemplating Christchurch AQ (after the quake), the newly re-elected mayor is encouraging everyone to spread the word that ‘Christchurch is back on it’s feet’ and open for business.

It sure is, if you like a city that Rocks!

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