The October Issue of Perceptive Travel Webzine

The beginning of another new month means only one thing here at Perceptive Travel – the  release of a new webzine with more great travel articles  to read. 

This month’s features are a diverse collection.

Editor Tim Leffel writes about drinking micheladas and watching Sidesaddle Girls at a Mexican Rodeo.  Unlike any rodeo you’ll ever see Stateside, these rodeo girls are not only dressed to the nines in frills but also, somehow, manage to maintain control of speeding horse while sitting sidesaddle. 

Further south, Molly Beer spends Christmas Eve day with her father on a  A Bridge on the Border in Central Americatemporarily stranded in no-man’s land between El Salvador and Guatemala.

And across the world, in Pakistan, Tim Brookes recounts how One Assassination Can Ruin Your Whole Vacation when you arrive in country expecting to celebrate New Year’s Eve and instead have to deal with the aftermath of a political assassination.

Pam Mandel writes about Memory, Music, and Travel, pondering  on how memories of music and places can blend together, recalling places once visited and places still to see. 

 Plus there’s the travel book review section, this month covering books about road trips in China,  early travel photography,  and environmental issues.

And as usual, there’s a new travel gear giveaway lined up. This month, it’s the cool little reusable bags from Flip & Tumble. Open it’s a bag, closed it’s a hacky-sack-sized ball you can toss around in a park or use to amuse a kid.

Perceptive Travel is giving away four of these to readers in the U.S. and Canada. (See a Flip & Tumble review here.)

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Happy reading!

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