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A couple of years ago I interviewed Tim Leffel for Write to Travel’s ‘interview with a travel writer’ series. Even then, it was clear that he saw the writing on the ‘digital’ wall for freelance writers.

In response to the question ‘What do you see as the future for travel writers in the printed media and online ?’, Tim replied…

The future looks fantastic if you’re riding the right waves. Writers who whine and moan about where things are headed remind me of buggy whip makers complaining about the automobile. I actually had a veteran travel writer tell me last week that she has never written anything for the Internet and doesn’t understand it. That blows my mind. What is she going to do 5 years from now–retire?

We’re in a transition phase right now where pay for Web articles is nowhere near what magazines pay, but the glory days of print are clearly fading behind us in the rear-view mirror. Newspaper travel sections have dwindled to almost nothing and it’s getting increasingly tough for travel magazines to thrive.

The Web is not yet generating the same kind of ad revenue for corporations that print does, but if you own what you produce, that’s actually an advantage we individual experts can exploit. I know a few travel writers who are pulling in six figures without sending out a single query letter or doing any revisions per article for a flighty editor in New York. They write about what they love for their own site and their passion makes them money.

One person can create a mini-empire relatively easy these days if he or she is patient and persistent. It’s a different mindset though, obviously. You have to be more creative and multi-functional rather than just stringing sentences together to meet an assignment.

His new book, Travel Writing 2.0, based on his own experience and that of over 50 other mainly online  travel writers,  follows through with these thoughts, offering clear advice and, if you read carefully, a fully mapped out path on how, as travel writing transitions between traditional and digital media, travel writers can create diverse income streams.

Early reviews of Travel Writer 2.0 by Tim Leffel is indicating that this is a must read book and resource for travel writers, new and experienced, who are interested in making real money from their writing in the digital age.

Tim has also created a companion Travel Writer 2.0 blog site that features interviews with successful travel writers.

Travel Writing 2.0 is available in print or PDF e-book form (Kindle and iBook versions are due out later in the year) directly from the publisher and also at various online bookstores including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

And thanks to Tim, one lucky Perceptive Travel reader has the chance to win a free copy. All you have to do is leave a comment, telling  us about your thoughts on the future of travel writing. And next Wednesday (October 6th), a winner will be chosen randomly to receive an PDF e-book copy of Travel Writer 2.0.

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