Travel Writing 2.0: How to Become a Travel Writer in the Digital Age

There’s no shortage of books and articles around on the art of travel writing, focusing on the traditional old school methods of publication, requiring constant query letters and creating relationships with newspaper and magazine editors.

But in this digital age, when there are so many different ways in which travel writers can develop their careers and build up their portfolio and their income, these books just don’t make the grade.

New and experienced travel writers need a more definitive up-to-date travel writing guide – one that focuses less on query letters and more on how to use new technologies to develop a multi pronged approach to travel writing.

Now, thanks to veteran travel writer Tim Leffel, there is such a book.

Called Travel Writing 2.0: Earning money from your travels in the new media landscape, this book looks at the pros and cons of these new technologies and discusses everything from why you should blog to writing for webzines, from owner content to writing for online networks, from carving out a niche and developing a platform to how compensation comes in many forms plus  how to develop multiple streams of income.

Tim points out that these new technologies have changed the way that many successful travel writers are earning incomes. By adapting to the new technologies of the digital age, they have been able to chart their own course and maintain ownership of their content while developing a platform that marks them as experts in their field.

But they have only succeeded through hard work, determination, discipline, and a willingness to learn and adapt to the new technologies.

Highlighting the thoughts and the road to success of dozens (52 to be exact) successful travel writers who write predominantly online, Travel Writing 2.0 is a gold mine of information, a modern day guidebook for those interested in the business and marketing side of travel writing, with chapters on niche development, self promotion, and online income streams.

A definite must read for both new and experienced travel writers interested in developing and expanding their online presence.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what a few other reviewers have said about Travel Writing 2.0

 “…unflinching look at the market and what you have to do to carve out your place… This book is solid, honest, and a much needed insight on a difficult career choice. You think you want to be a travel writer, do you? You should read this book.” – Nerd’s Eye View

“Travel Writing 2.0 is most useful for the seasoned freelancer in its breakdown of potential travel writing markets and advice from other writers onto how to break into the world of travel writing.” –

“This is the first guide to earning money from travel writing in a media landscape turned upside down. With stories and advice from dozens of working travel writers, editors, and publishers, Travel Writing 2.0 leads readers on a path to success straddling print and electronic media.” – Travel, Writing, and Photography

(Disclaimer:  While Tim Leffel, author of Travel Writing 2.0, might be the editor of Perceptive Travel blog, he had no editorial input into this review. A complimentary review copy, however,  was provided by the author)

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