New Book By Roaring Forties Press Exposes Jimi Hendrix’s London

Jimi Hendrix wasn’t the first (and won’t be the last) to arrive in London near broke and unknown. The year was 1966 and for musicians, London the place to be, especially for someone as flamboyant and talented as Jimi Hendrix.

Playing at the clubs and pubs around London, Jimi, with the help of his manager and  friend Chas Chandler , took London (and the world) by storm with his charismatic onstage performance and the way he made the electric guitar sing.

It wasn’t long before he was crowned the undisputed king of the electric guitar. With three studio albums going gold with sales of over a million copies each, he was  named Artist of the Year by both Billboard (1968) and Playboy (1969). But sadly, Jimi didn’t stick around long enough to really enjoy it. In 1970, at the age of 27, he was found dead in a London Hotel.

ABC News reported: “The Jimi Hendrix experience is over.”

But as illustrated by a 2003 poll by Rolling Stone,  which voted Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitarist in rock history, his music never died.

Now Jimi Hendrix fans visiting London can follow his path from unknown to infamous with a new book, Jimi Hendrex: London, recently released by Roaring Forties Press. The second in their MusicPlace Series (the first was Grunge Seattle), Jimi Hendrix: London provides an in depth and intimate look at the public and private life of Jimi Hendrix, highlighting the places where he played, recorded, rehearsed, slept, and partied.

Full of shady characters and colourful antidotes, the book covers not only Jimi Hendrix’s rise to fame but also features a venerable who’s who in ’Swinging London’ of the 1960’s.

With maps pinpointing locations of interest, this unique book will guide fans through Jimi Hendrix’s world. Much has changed in London in the forty year’s since his death, but many of the landmarks remain.  And this book will help you find them.

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