Trying to appreciate Vegas, baby

Las Vegas and Bellagio fountains (courtesy left-hand on Flickr CC)I’m sure I’ll find things to like.

I’ll try really hard.

But I just don’t see myself as a Las Vegas enthusiast.

Cities are wonderful, vibrant things and I’m very much a city kid. Colorful bright lights at night (and fountains!) are appealing. The desert and heat? Meh, I live in Texas. Heat is no biggie.  And can I cram in a trip out to see the nearby Hoover Dam?

It’s the whole fakery thing that bothers me.

Random Eiffel Towers built in Nevada; not a concept I can grasp.  Invitations to get bombed and act stupid and get laid. Um, I DID college already, thanks.

Putting gilt edges and big-name chefs around tacky doesn’t change its nature. Lipstick on a pig, and all that.

The good news is that I know I’ll find photo ops galore after watching Pam Mandel (she’s also not a Vegas fan) create her photographic magic in the Neon Boneyard; you can also make yourself busy doing the traveler’s lemon —> lemonade dance.

I’m going to Las Vegas because my business partner and I are presenting the Tourism Track at BlogWorld and New Media Expo. The expected audience is people who work in tourism and hospitality who want to learn more about social media and connect with some of the 4000+ bloggers who will descend on BlogWorld for the conference.

Teaching tourism folks about telling their stories through social media – and connecting them with bloggers who might be interested in their destinations – is my mission these days. I’d do it anywhere, in the most godforsaken place you can think of (as long as there’s WiFi.)

I know, I know….I’ll shut up and go figure out how to enjoy a city that’s not my style.

Hey, got any tips on cheap meals or interesting boutiques?

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