The September Edition of Perceptive Travel Webzine

Here at the Perceptive Travel Blog, the beginning of each new month means just one thing – access to the latest edition of the Perceptive Travel webzine.

Guaranteed to stimulate the wanderlust that we all suffer from, each new edition of Perceptive Travel webzine opens up new experiences and destinations for us to explore.

And the September edition is no exception.

Michael Buckley heads to South Korea in search of  monks taking flying leaps, all in the name of Buddhism. These monks, based at Golgulsa Temple, are practitioners of Sunmudo, a form of Zen Buddhism that mixes yoga, meditation, and martial art moves.

 Carla Seidi looks at the importance of Chickens and Tea in Aberbaijin. Turns out that these two products are possibly even more important than paper money when it comes to status and community relationships.

Meanwhile, Chris Epting takes a trip down memory lane, visiting his hometown and the home of the writer John Cheever, who in the role of mentor, first encouraged Chris to follow his dreams by ‘writing a journal’. 

Plus, as usual, there’ world music reveiws and travel book reviews to check out.

As for this month’s prize giveaway, it’s a  Alpental Fleece Jacket from ExOfficio. Entering the giveaway contest is as easy was subscribing to the Perceptive Travel newsletter or by checking out the Perceptive Travel facebook page.

Happy reading!

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