Melbourne Under Attack! Another View from the Langham

Liz just wrote about the view from the Langham, Melbourne, where I also stayed this past Spring.  It reminded me of something that happened to me on that visit.

I am in no way a morning person, but my body never quite accommodated to Australian time. I was routinely up before sunrise. One morning, I threw back the curtains on the day to admire the skyline and…what was this? In the gray pre-dawn sky, I observed three gray flying objects — apparently bearing down on the city.

Occasionally they changed color, flaring orange. I rubbed my eyes, blinked a few times.

The flying objects were still there. Was I dreaming? I going crazy? Was Melbourne under some sort of attack? I got my camera, perhaps to document the end of this lovely city, but more sensibly to use the zoom lens as makeshift binoculars.

Aha, hot air balloons.

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