Jonesing for some Georgia coffee from Japan

Georgia Coffee can (courtesy mdid at Flickr CC)It’s summer.

It’s hot.

Unfortunately, I am not living anywhere near those magnificent Japanese vending machines, with their insane variety of chilled coffees and other drinks.

The wide availability of Starbucks frappuccinos in any dinky US convenience store is a step in the right direction, but it still isn’t like having a bunch of Georgia coffees to choose from (about every 10 feet in Japan.)

Yes, I know that “Georgia” is an odd name for cans of coffee, but the Japanese don’t seem to know that, or care if they do know it.

Here, feast your eyes: a whole set of Japanese coffee can photos on Flickr, and a photo group called Coffee Cans of the World.

Discoveries like that make my InterWebz world go ’round….:)

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