Where to find Basques? In Boise, Idaho of course

Basque culture in Boise Idaho with Txantxangorriak performers (courtesy Euskalkultura.com)Every five years, one of the biggest celebrations of Basque culture is held in Boise, Idaho.

Had to pause, blink and re-read that, didn’t you? Me, too.

If you’re anywhere near Boise, head on over because the Jaialdi International Basque Cultural Festival is going on right now through August 1st.

There is pelota (a court sport rather like handball but sometimes with a racket) plus food, music and dance – full schedule here in English and Basque.

Basque heritage dancers at Jaialdi 2010 in Boise Idaho (courtesy Jaialdi 2010 Group on Facebook)

If you travel to Boise any other time, make a stop at the “Basque Block” downtown, where you’ll find museums, cultural centers, markets and restaurants open year-round.

More Jaialdi stories here in the Idaho Statesman; you can follow them on Twitter at @TheBasqueBlock and check out the Twitter hashtag #Jaialdi2010 and there’s a Jaialdi 2010 Group on Facebook plus this Auzolan Facebook Page.

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