The ExOfficio shirt off my back

ExOfficio travel shirt on hangar (photo by Sheila Scarborough)I’m not normally big on travel gadgets or special travel clothing (hey, the biggest problem with packers is simply too much crap and too many shoes) but I do like my new ExOfficio travel shirt.

While enroute the TBEX travel blogger’s conference in New York, I landed at JFK airport and spotted an ExOfficio travel store. It was no use fighting a sudden urge for a new shirt; I was sick of the ones I always pack although they are tried-and-true.

I browsed simple white button-front shirts….classic clothing works best for travel….but the special fast-drying fabric made the ones I looked at way too sheer.  My bra is not so interesting that the whole danged world needs to see every bit of it, you know?

The Women’s DryFlite Long-sleeve shirt in light copper had a peachy orange colored hue; it was the same wicking, sun-protective fabric but the color made it less sheer, so despite the rather steep (for a shirt) price of US$65, I bought it.

It has handy little zip pockets and can be worn short-sleeved or with the sleeves rolled down.  The breathability was tested in hot, humid New York City streets and the quick-drying feature was tested after a slosh in some water in my sink. Check and check.

When I threw on some costume jewelry beaded necklaces as well (from a fun shopping moment at a New York Forever 21 clothing store) it looked rather dressy and took away that air of “I Am A Serious Travel Person, Going On Safari Any MINUTE” that specialized travel clothing often gives the wearer.

Thanks, ExOfficio. Thumbs up from me.

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