The July Edition of Perceptive Travel Magazine

The feature articles in this month’s edition of Perceptive Travel magazine focus on the Americas  –  North and South.

In his article Two Wheels, Two Drinks: Biking through America’s Heartland about a 225 mile biking trail across the state of Missouri that passes through wine country and river towns, Perceptive Travel editor Tim Leffel asks “Do we see more of a place when we pass through it using only our muscles for movement? Do we feel its essence more when we travel slowly, moving at a human pace instead of a petroleum–powered one?”

Down in Central America, Richard Arghiris, author of Footprints Nicaragua,  experiences the effects of tropical decay, complete with giant rats, roaches, fleas, flies and an array of creeping multi–coloured moulds, while staying in Bluefields in Nicaragua.

And further south, in Uruguay, Darrin DuFord examines Montevideo’s street culture and attempts to understand the allure of the city’s street drumming groups, first by finding them and then by attempting to learn how to play the barrel–shaped candombe drums.

The travel book review section, this month written by Susan Griffith, author of Work Your Way Around the World, covers three books that tackle foreign encounters and culture clashes around the world.

And as usual, this month’s world music review section looks at some fascinating musical selections – a desert blues remix,  Lo’Jo’s placeless internationalism, Mali’s Salif Keita, and music from Kinshasa.

And don’t forget, there’s a chance to win some great travel gear – this month two winners will receive their choice of any Perceptive Travel short-sleeve shirt from our Cafe Press Traveltease store, shipped to their home.

This is open to anyone living in a place where Cafe Press will ship. Newsletter subscribers will get instructions on how to enter. If you weren’t on that list already, you can still get in on it by following Perceptive Travel on Facebook. There you’ll find the contest details in one of the postings.

Happy reading!

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