Dispatch from Sea: Wandering Around Venice with Lonely Planet

Tomorrow the Dawn Princess World Cruise arrives in Venice with a ship shipload of passengers and crew all wanting to get out and about.  Many (including my mother) plan on taking the organized shore excursion tours that cover all the usual tourist places.

But I plan on jumping ship, hopefully getting away from the crowd, and maybe even getting lost (if just for a short time) into the maze that is Venice.

I won‘t,  however, be totally alone. – I’m taking my copy of Lonely Planet’s Venice & Veneto 2010 for company.

I have been keeping company with Lonely Planet guidebooks for a few years now and they have never let me down. Guaranteed to provide background information of where I am heading and give me direction as to where to eat, stay, and play, these guidebooks have always managed to help re-locate me when I lose my sense of direction.

And this latest edition of Venice & the Veneto looks to be no different.

I was hooked from page one, reading about Venice’s fascinating history, learning about it’s diverse neighbourhoods, and studying the numerous walking tours laid out.

There are numerous of maps and continuous cross-referencing of information aimed to help to keep travelers orientated to their surroundings. In fact, this guidebook makes Venice look real easy to navigate – at least on paper.

There’s even a pull out map, which, of course, I not only pulled out but also marked with all my planned destinations, creating my own walking tour.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty confident that, despite the fact that I’ll only be in Venice a very short period of time and need to make sure that I get back to the ship before it set‘s sail, with Lonely Planet’s Venice & the Veneto< I’ll be able to get off the beaten track without getting totally lost.

I guess I’ll know tomorrow whether it does.

(Disclamer:  A complimentary copy of the Lonely Planet Venice & the Veneto was provided by Lonely Planet for review)

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