Outlet Quest: today’s traveler needs to plug in

Recharging my Android phone at a random SeaWorld restaurant power outlet (photo by Sheila Scarborough)It has happened; I’ve joined the ranks of smartphone owners with a new Android mobile device.

Now what do I do that is different while I travel?

I pop a lot more photos up on Twitter and Facebook, I scan World Cup and College World Series scores whenever I want to, and I….

Look for power outlets.

While visiting SeaWorld San Antonio this past weekend as a participant in their Texas Blogger day, I had a conversation with one of their public relations folks after I found myself plugging my phone into the wall behind a restaurant trash can.

He said that they’re noticing a lot more visitors bringing smartphones and even netbooks into the park, so they’re thinking about setting up power charging stations to accommodate those blinking battery crises.

Yes, I know how to travel without digital devices. Yes, I can put my SIM card back into my old flip feature phone if I am roughing it somewhere without steady power sources but still want a connection to my family.

The fact is, I’m a pretty wired (actually, wireless) gal and I’ve entered a new phase of learning how to set my phone to Battery Saver and eyeball random walls for power outlets.  When I want to cut myself off from all that, I will, but right now I do not.

What are some of your travel tips for these smartphone power hogs?

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