Stalking Great Travel Stories (on Blogs)

Today, we at Perceptive Travel blog got the news that we’re finalists in the journal Creative Nonfiction’s narrative blog contest. Check out the story that was submitted, Antonia’s How Sturdy is Your Sick Bag, which manages to be funny, gross and profound all at the same time.

It just so happens that I’ve been thinking more than usual about terrific travel narratives since I’m presenting at TBEX this weekend on travel writing on How to Up Your Game.  (I’ll be your non-legendary writer representative on the panel, what what!)

So I’ve taken this as an opportunity to slough off all my other projects and spend hours upon hours reading travel blogs.

Since one of the projects I’ve slacked on is… well, my weekly missive here… that means you’re not getting any narrative from me today.

So instead I thought I’d share a few of my finds. Herewith are great travel pieces that I loved reading, along with a couple I’ve had bookmarked for a few years. I’ll be talking about what characterizes great travel writing in my talk , and will reference many of these and probably a few more — if you search #tbex10 or #tbex on Twitter on Saturday you can follow along.


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