Win a Chance to Blog Your Way Around the World

Attention all U.S. and Canadian travel bloggers.

 Here’s a contest you might not want to miss.


Because entering will put you into the running for a chance to Blog Your Way Around the World.

The contest, sponsored by a variety of travel companies such as  AFAR magazine, TEVA, and ExOffico, offers one lucky travel blogger the chance to do something we all dream of – to travel without worrying about the costs.

On offer are these eight amazing trips from around the world:

 To enter, simply submit a 400 word essay on why you should be the one to blog around the world. 

But writing the essay is the easy part, because, like most of these contests, the winner is decided by online voting, with the chosen  one being the one with the most votes.

So you’ll then have to dust off your ‘vote for me marketing campaign’ that you might have developed during the Australian ‘best job in the world’ campaign and get your social media networking work for you.

Is it worth the effort?  Only you can decide.

If you do decide to enter, do let us here at Perceptive Travel know.

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