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Keep out in Kauai (photo courtesy Michele Bigley)Here at Perceptive Travel, we believe that good travel stories are a lot more compelling than yet another “Top 10 Beaches of Some Place Warm”….not that we don’t occasionally dip into such territory, but our lists are more like, Five Travel Books to Take on a World Cruise.

Our parent publication, the Perceptive Travel webzine, specializes in wonderful travel stories that you can’t find in very many places these days, online or in print.

The latest issue for June 2010 just came out, and here’s what is in store for readers:

** On a simple trip to write about Ireland, Rachel Dickinson becomes part of the lead story on every newscast: all the planes grounded in northern Europe because of a giant eruption in Iceland and the resulting gift from Eyjafjallajökull. Find out more in Trapped Beneath the Volcanic Ash Cloud.

**  When a guidebook writer gets the enviable job of covering the island of Kauai, she finds the locals are not too keen on another writeup encouraging stupid tourists to do stupid things on their sacred land. Trouble in paradise for Michele Bigley? Read Kauai Footprints: the Dark Side of “Hidden Hawaii.”

**  The land that was the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of coffee gave rise to the world’s original travelers. Where? Ethiopia: Birthplace of the Traveler—and Then Some by Bruce Northam.

This month, as every month, there are reviews of terrific world music offerings, and also each month is a chance to win travel-related goodies, but you need to do one of two things:

This month we’re giving away a sweet prize – whoever emerges victorious will receive a $200 gift pack from Tilley Endurables. They make awesome travel hats, quick-dry travel underwear and more.

Go! Read! Enjoy!

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