Amazing Morning Run in Cambria, California


I don’t usually take my phone with me when I’m running at home, but I often do when I’m traveling. For one thing, it means I’ll have a map on me if I get lost, and it’s easier to carry my BlackBerry than a folded up map.

Anyway, I went running this morning, and in an unprecedented event for me, I found myself totally unable to resist snapping a couple of phone pictures as I ran down Moonstone Beach Boardwalk. (I’m in the midst of a 10-day California road trip — I flew into Los Angeles and will fly out of San Francisco, I was just about half way this morning.)

Now, I’ve had some amazing morning runs on this trip — along the water in Santa Monica, or on East Beach in Santa Barbara, for instance. But this morning’s run really was remarkable, as the path snaked me through wild flowers and twisted up for dramatic ocean views.
Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

The boardwalk seems to be a part of WR Hearst State Park, and while Hearst Castle, which I toured later in the morning, was certainly over the top, I’m not sure it beat the beauty that I found running on this trail.

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