Lonely Planet offers Best Ever Travel Tips

Lonely Planet are in the business of travel, so it’s not surprising that they know all the best travel tips. What is surprising is that it’s taken them this long to put them all together in a book.

Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel TipsBut now they have with a useful little book called The Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips. Edited by Tom Hall, it features a wide variety of tips and trade secrets from travel writers, industry experts, and Lonely Planet staff.

Whether you are looking for packing tips (and who isn’t these days with baggage fees) to travelling as eco-friendly as possible, this book covers it all.

Given that I consider myself pretty travel savvy,  I wondered how much more I could actually learn from Best Ever Travel Tips.

Turns out quite a lot, especially about packing.

I’ve always been someone who just, at the last minute, throws open the wardrobes and tosses a variety of clothes into the suitcase or backpack. But that’s probably not the smartest nor cheapest packing strategy.

Reading packing expert Doug Dyment’s tip about ’bundle wrapping’ of clothes has me looking at packing in a whole new way.

I also discovered new ways to save money. For example, eating and drinking standing up in many European cafes and bars will cost you less money as will booking your airport parking in advance.

For the size of it, you wouldn’t think that there would be much information inside. But the nine chapters covering packing, money, health, safety and security, air transport, ground transport, hotels, technology, trip enjoyment, and eco-travel offer a real treasure trove of informative and helpful tips that both new and seasoned travellers can put to good use.

It is, in fact, a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the traveler or future traveler in  your life.

(Disclaimer: Lonely Planet provided a complimentary copy of Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips for review)

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