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The May edition of Perceptive Travel Magazine is now online.

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In Thai Voluntourism for All the Wrong Reasons, Gillian Kendall writes about participating in an Elephant Stay program. Setting out with noble plans to help poor abused elephants in Thailand, Gillian soon finds herself reshaping her perceptions about elephants, captivity, and voluntourism programs.

Mikey Laung discovers that while purchasing a Royal Enfield motorcycle (the Indian version of a Harley Davison) is easy, getting it from Nepal to Bangladesh was another story. The Enfield Diaries tracks how Mikey, hindered by flooded highways and obstinate customs officals, has to resort to crossing Bengal’s bamboo bridges to complete the journey.

In An Ugly American One Year, a Pretty One the Next, Theresa Dowell Blackinton  looks at how national politics at home reflects on American travelling abroad

Plus three new travel books are reviewed by Amy Greimann Carlson and  editor Tim Leffel’s world music reviews feature albums from Central America and South America.

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