Searching for the Perfect Hotel in New York City

An upcoming trip to New York City has me on the search for a place to stay. With  hundreds of hotels to choose from, simply finding a hotel is easy. But finding the perfect hotel – that turns out to be a little more difficult.

Now, some people would say  ’a hotel is a hotel is a hotel‘, just somewhere to rest your head at night after spending the day roaming around the city. And they are right. But sometimes you need a hotel be more than just a hotel – you need it to be a home away from home. Sometimes, you even need it to be a sanctuary.

And a sanctuary is what I’m looking for in New York City. After travelling for the previous two months, mostly on a Princess cruise ship in a smallish cabin with my mother, I’ll be more than ready for some space of my own to sit, to read, to write, and simply chill out.

But searching for a sanctuary in the middle of New York City isn’t as easy as it seems.

Things that need to be considered include…

Location. Location. Location

As any good real estate agent will tell you, it’s all about location. New York City might be located on a small island, but deciding where to stay is crucial to getting the most out a short stay in this city. So the first step in a hotel search needs to be deciding where you want to be based – theater, midtown, Greenwich, downtown, etc…

Size does count

There’s no getting away from it in New York City – the hotel rooms are small, some exceedingly so. Sadly, larger rooms cost more, but if size really is a crucial criteria, you either pay the price or look for hotels further afield.

Character is Important

Sure, there are plenty of well known chain hotels on offer that will give you a bed for the night (and points towards future stays) but a hotel with character and history can make an ordinary stay extraordinary. 

Is it worth it? 

Location, size, and character is important, but you have to ask yourself ‘is it worth the cost’. It pays to look for the added extras – free wifi, complimentary breakfast and snacks – that will make the price seem a little more acceptable.

Want to stay at The Plaza over looking Central Park but can’t justify to the costs ?  Check sites such as to map out other hotels in the location. You might just be able to find one that fits both your criteria for location and costs.

Hotel Reviews – fact or fiction?

For every review I read that praises a hotel that I think might be the one, another review damns it. Hotel review sites such as Trip Advisor offer plenty of insight into hotels, but in the end, you just have to make a decision.

Meanwhile, my search for the perfect hotel continues.

I’ve narrowed it down to these possibilities – Library Hotel,  the Strand, The Plaza (just kidding), The Roosevelt, and the Algonquin Hotel.

But before make my final decision,  I just have to ask…

What’s your favorite hotel in New York City?

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