Meet Me at Idlewild Books in NYC on March 31st!

Best Women's Travel Writing 2010As Liz was kind enough to mention a few days ago, I have a story in Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010. It’s about my quest for the spiciest food I could handle, excerpted from a week-long series that ran on World Hum last year.

As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, there’s going to be a reception for the book at one of my favorite bookstores anywhere, Idlewild. Idlewild is dedicated to travel literature,  and it organizes its books by country. So if you’re going to, say, Mexico, you’ll find essays, novels and guidebooks relating to Mexico, all shelved together.

I have never once managed to get out of Idlewild without dropping serious dollars, and so I’m sure that I will once again leave with a lighter wallet on March 31st, when I’ll be there to read from my story, along with three talented co-contributors: Valerie Conners, Megan Lyles, and Elisabeth Eaves. Idlewild Bookstore is at 12 West 19th Street, near 5th avenue. The event is at  7 p.m. I hope to see you there!

(By the way, Idlewild was the commonly used name for JFK Airport, which itself was derived from the name of a golf course that was paved over to make way for the airport. It was re-named one month after President Kennedy’s assassination.)

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