Students Go Wild with an Alternative Spring Break.

Going wild for Spring Break is a long standing rite of passage for hundreds of college students across America. After all, what could be better after a long, cold, snowy winter than to head for the beach and immerse yourself in good music, beer, and friends.

But for many students, going wild at the beach simply doesn’t cut it. Instead, they plan on heading for the hills where getting wild and dirty doesn’t revolve around binge drinking and becoming part of a MTV reality video.

Known as the Alternative Spring Break, it’s a chance for students to take time away from the books and get out and do some good by volunteering for community and environmental projects.

Some students are trading their swimming trunks for tool belts and volunteering to help United Way of South Mississippi in their efforts to help rebuild the Mississippi Gold Coast.  Or spending a week house building with a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

Others are trading in the swimming suit for hiking boots and camping gear and signing on for a American Hiking Society’s Volunteer Vacation where they will spend the week helping to build and maintain National Park and Forest hiking trails throughout the country.

It’s probably too late to sign on to these projects now, but students still looking for Alternative Spring Break options might want to have a read of Alternative Spring Break Ideas in 2010.

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