Eccentric New Zealand: Corrugated Tirau

From a distance, it might just seem to be another small country town. But visitors soon discover that Tirau, located on a busy highway two hours south of Auckland,  is anything but ordinary.

tirau-eccentric new zealandDriving down the highway that cuts through the town, visitors are greeted with the vision of a six meter high dog façade fronting the town’s Information Center. The locals call it The Big Dog. Nearby, an enormous sheep shaped building sells local wool products and arts and crafts.

A gigantic corrugated iron shepherd stands alongside Big Dog and Big Sheep, watching over the growing collection of corrugated  teddy bears, hearts, birds, and poppies that have sprouted up on buildings and sign posts.

Tirau has , in fact, become New Zealand’s corrugated capital.

See more of Tirau’s unique art works with this EyeballNZ Tirau slideshow.

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