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With a click of the mouse, head off to Bali to experience a pig roasting with Zora O’Neill  (warning: this one’s not for the faint of heart). In her essay, Eating a Personal Pig, Zora vividly addresses the ambivalence that many of us have to eating meat.

Then it’s on to Morroco with  Jim Johnston. In his essay, Morocco: Give Me the Simple Life, Jim takes us to Tannant, a small Moroccan village where his 85 year old mother works as a Peace Corp volunteer.

Back in the States, Bruce Northam writes about the annual Madri Gras….in Burlington, Vermont. That’s right. Believe it or not, Vermont also has a Madri Gras. It‘s no where near as rowdy and not so exposed, but it’s a colorful Madri Gras all the same.

Joshua Berman is onboard with this month’s travel book reviews and Tim Leffel has, as usual, has an eclectic selection of world music reviews.

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