Can Kiwis Fly?

kiwis-might-fly-polly-evansHaving read a survey that ‘claimed the ordinary Kiwi bloke was about to turn up the toes of his gumboots…’ and move to the city, Polly Evans decided to take a motorbike trip around New Zealand to find out for herself if this was true. Her quest – to find out if the ordinary Kiwi bloke had all but disappeared ?

So it was with great interested that I started reading Kiwis Might Fly.

What evolves is a laid back, laugh out loud road trip through the cities and countryside of New Zealand as Polly invites us to join her as she learns to master the beast (the motorcycle) and search out the nearly extinct Kiwi bloke.

Polly, it turns out, is quite adventurous.

How many of us, after all, would attempt to ride a powerful (650 cc) motorcycle around an unfamiliar country after only a few lessons at home on a much smaller (125 cc) motorcycle?

Not me!

As I had visited most of the places Polly stopped off at, it was interesting to see it from her perspective. She had done her research well, with the book covering not only the scenery but also the historic, cultural and social history of New Zealand’s towns and countryside.

Along the way, from Auckland to Stewart island, we meet a cast of characters engaged in traditional New Zealand activities – shearing, milking, woodcarving. And Polly wasn‘t afraid to get in and give it a go. But at the end of the trip, Polly had not found anyone who could display all the characteristics of the traditional Kiwi bloke. Still, it was fun looking.

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