This month in Perceptive Travel Webzine

Fans will be happy to discover that a new edition of the Perceptive Travel webzine in now online.

Returning writers Luke Armstrong, Michael Buckley, and Beebe Bahrami share their adventures from around the world.

Armchair travellers be warned – reading these articles will make you want to get up and go out into the world looking for similar adventures.


Luke Armstrong writes about Guatemala’s annual La Quema del Diablo festival when people burn symbolic papier–mâché devils in anticipation of the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

In most places, kayaking down a river would be a chance to commune with nature, but according to Michael Buckley, that’s not quite the case when the river you’re kayaking down is in Bangladesh. In Crowd-Surfing in Bangladesh, Michael discovers getting away from cellphones and finding personal space is impossible in poor but well-connected Bangladesh, especially when you’re paddling down the Teesta River.

Beebe Bahrami explains why visitors to Spain really should add historic Segovia to their itinerary. Once the headquarters for the bloody Inquisition, this easy to walk medieval village is steeped in history, complete with a Roman aqueduct and famous castle.

And rounding off this month’s issue of Perceptive Travel webzine is a diverse collection of travel book reviews to check out.

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This month’s prize is one of these cool messenger bag from OSPOP (One Small Point of Pride).

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