Goodbye, and Thanks for All the Hits

It was with much regret at the beginning of the month that I had to inform my editor, the fearless and stupendous Tim Leffel, that it was time for me to leave the Perceptive Travel blog.

I have been writing for the blog for almost four years, and have had an absolutely wonderful time working with Sheila Scarborough, Liz Lewis, former contributor Steve Davey, and new wordsmith/wanderlustian Alison Stein Wellner. Tim has given all of us a free hand with subject matter and interests, and you can’t ask for more from an editor than that. It’s part of what makes the blog and its parent magazine, Perceptive Travel, so unique: an editor who trusts his writers.

With another baby due in June, my family demands are increasing while my ‘free’ time and ability to travel are shrinking. And, as I have whined to many of my friends, I’ve got several novels begging to be written, including a half-done mystery novel that’s been lurking for over two years. It’s time for me to devote my family-free moments to these other ‘children.’

I would like to thank all of our wonderful readers and followers for helping to support great writing and a community of free ideas. I hope that all of you keep reading, keep writing journals or blogs or books, keep connecting, but most of all, keep traveling. Because there is nothing more crucial to the future and open-mindedness of this planet than the humanism that our travels bring to our own minds. We all want peace and beauty and good food, even if we disagree on politics or policies. You cannot have peace if there is war in your heart, and you cannot have war in your heart if you see the world from another’s point of view.

No matter how much you’ve seen, go out right now and see something new. Hit the road!


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