Perceptive Travel Magazine Turns Four

It’s been four years since editor Tim Leffel, believing that armchair travellers and travel writers deserved more the repetitive destination articles, top-10 lists, and advertorials that was stock in trade for print magazines, launched the Perceptive Travel online magazine.

Tim’s goal was to provide a place for travel writers to publish authentic travel tales about interesting places. And he succeeded. All you have to do is wander through the archives to discover that Perceptive Travel magazine has travelled to all corners of the world, providing interesting, entertaining, and engaging travel stories that keeps even the most jaded armchair traveller glued to the screen.

Fans will want to check out the latest edition featuring these three stories…

syria-men-480In Syria: Never Judge a Country by its State Department Warning, regular contributor Bruce Northam recounts his travels to Syria where, instead of expected  hardcore anti-American loathing (as indicated by state department travel warnings), he finds only smiles and nods. Turns out that Syria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site playground, “bleeds history, not American tourists.”


singapore-coconuts-480Joel Carillet uses signs to illustrate the entertainment value of Singapore’s nanny state. While many travellers see Singapore as  “too safe, too boring, too expensive”, Joel finds his pulses racing as he sets out and explores the fascinating world of Singapore’s signs that remind everyone how to keep Singapore clean, green, and crime free. It appears that nothing is sign-free in Singapore – not even the coconuts!


bolivia-BanoArt-top500Marie Javins gets attention in unlikely places with her intuitive and entertaining piece on small group touring in Bolivia. Along the way, she discovers that being an older traveler brings not only new insights but also new needs.




Laurence Mitchell provides a great rundown on music from Africa, Eastern Europe, South America, and the clubs of Cairo.

Happy Birthday Perceptive Travel


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