JetBlue’s Flyer’s Collection Finds the Funny Side of Flying

jetblueThere’s nothing funny about air travel during the holiday season with airline personnel and travelers having to deal with delays, crowded flights, bad weather, and grumpy passengers.

But one airline, JetBlue, has decided that laughter really is the best way to medicine in stressful times. In their effort to increase ticket sales, they have put together a quirky holiday gift guide featuring products and gadgets that passengers might need for times when they are flying on other airlines.

In another great example of how airlines are using social media to form more personal connections with passengers, JetBlue has created an online ‘pop-up’ store on their Facebook site.

Called The Flyer’s Collection, it’s a highly entertaining slideshow illustrating gadgets that all seasoned flyers really wished existed.

jetblue_knee jockeyjetblue_yumbroAfter all, who would be able to resist the Yumbro, a friendly robotic buddy who will cheer you up when the other guys (ie other airlines) have taken away your legroom, your dignity, and even your snack. Or the Knee Jockey – a holster that will lift and tuck your knees to your chest, thereby giving your legs a centimeter extra room.

But my favorite is the Seat Back Beeper.

jetblue_seat beeper

Placed on the top of your seat, it will let loose an ear piercing alarm to warn fellow passengers that you are about to recline your seat, giving them time to protect their knees, laptops, and anything else that might be in the way.

It’s just the thing for the considerate flyer.

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