A Day in Wellington: The Beehive

A recent day trip to Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, resulted in a visit to The Beehive. It wasn’t a planned stop, but on the way to the airport, I had heard the radio newcaster report that this oddly named parliamentary building, where the politicians decide on the country’s policies,  had just made  the annual ‘World Ugliest Building’s’ list compiled by VirtualTourist.com.

Ranking it the world’s third ugliest building, VirtualTourist.com wrote

“A slide projector that fell on a wedding cake that fell on a waterwheel is one description of this building known as “The Beehive.” Built primarily during the ‘70s, its proximity to the neighboring Edwardian neo-classical Parliament House only accentuates its unattractiveness.”

That sounded a little extreme, so I decided to check it out for myself.

Opposite the railway station and on the airport bus route, The Beehive is easy to find.  And it was a hive of activity, with tour groups wandering around the gardens and sitting on the steps of the Parlimentary Buildings. Locals and tourists alike were sitting on the grass, shaded by huge trees, and enjoying coffee or a bite of lunch.

All in all, it was a pretty pleasing place to be.


Despite the VirtualTourist.com description, I didn’t find The Beehive all that ugly.

beehive4Of course, if you took away…


…all the grass and trees


 …the connecting buildings,


…and the blue sky and sunshine,




this is all you would see…



Then , I suppose, The Beehive might be considered somewhat cold and ugly.




But, I guess in the end, it really is a case of ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’

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