Winner of South Africa Literary Traveler’s Companion finds inspiration in children’s literature

Soul Travelers 3, a family of 3 from Santa Cruz, California, now blogging from their travels around the world, have won a free copy of the South Africa Literary Traveler’s Companion with their comments on how children’s literature have inspired many of their travels.

There were several interesting thoughts about the literary inspiration behind travel urges. Caitlin Fitzimmons, who writes the fantastic Roaming Tales blog, mentioned The Wind in the Willows and Oxfordshire, and her desire to visit Prince Edward Island in Canada due to the lovely L.M. Montgomery Anne of Green Gables books (which were what got me to visit the island, too — twice!).

Vera Marie Badertscher said that a combined love of literature and travel was behind her blog A Traveler’s Library (where she will be writing more about the same topic), and the mind behind The World in a Satin Bag touched on my own interests with a love of science fiction and fantasy novels building a craving to see real castles.

I loved how Soul Travelers 3 combine great stories and travel to bring the world to their 5-year-old to the world and the world to her:

“We don’t have that much space, so we often end up reading her books too. Her Odyssey books really made our travels to troy and all through Greece, so much richer as we all got into Homer online as well.Perhaps we never would have visited Troy or Mycenae without that influence.

Recently we went to Krakow, and the award winning Trumpeter of Krakow set us all up nicely for that visit. We all loved Bram Stoker’s Dracula too that was meant to give a kid a bit of excitement for Romania, but I broke my arm in Melk before we got there this year.”

Thanks to everyone who participated, and keep reading and traveling!

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