Would you go on a world cruise?


I’ve never given much thought to going on a cruise. It’s always been something that I associated with swinging singles (think Love Boat) and older, retired couples.

My parents, who fall in that older, retired couples category, discovered cruising earlier this year, taking a trip from Australia to Japan and China via numerous islands. They loved it, so much so, that even before they disembarked in Sydney, they had booked a berth on next year’s Dawn Princess world cruise. It was going to be highlight of their year. But it’s a highlight that, sadly, my Dad, who passed away last month after a brief illness, won’t be able to participate in. Dad, who would have been the first to say ‘life goes on’, is, I’m sure, smiling somewhere in the knowledge that Mom is still planning on taking the cruise.

But while my Mom is probably one of the most independent women I know, she really doesn’t want to go on this cruise alone. So, after much family discussion, it’s been decided that I am the most logical person to go with her.

Now, being offered the chance to go on a world cruise isn’t something that any sane person would turn down. But I must admit, I’ve been tempted to say thanks but I’d rather not. 

It’s just that I have some reservations about the whole cruise thing, especially about  sleeping in a windowless room the size of a matchbox for a month and a half. And being totally at sea for days on end. And travelling with my Mom (last time we did that I was 12). And being disconnected from the internet (and thus the world).

So, what would you do? Would you go on a world cruise?

And more to the point, would you travel with your mother?

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