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Green reports…

A new report from sustainability think tank Forum for the Future is warning that the tourism industry is likely to be hit hard in the coming decade as climate change and shifting demographics increase pressure on many resorts. 

Another report released this month, this time from the Natural Resources Defense Council,  identifies 25 national parks most at risk for impacts of climate change and offers 32 recommendations of specific actions the U.S. National Park Service can take to protect national parks and their resources.

Green flying…, a travel agent that specialises in responsible holidays, has been a long time champion of flyers offsetting their carbon emissions. But it’s now had a change of heart, stating that the travel industry needs to be focusing on reducing carbon emissions rather than offsetting them. Here’s why…

Meanwhile, All Nippon Airways (ANA), in an effort to go green, is asking all passengers to pee before boarding  . Apparently this simple act of relieving themselves prior to boarding could help the airline reduce it’s carbon footprint by 4.2 tons a month

Green hotels….

Most hotel guest throw away around two pounds of trash every day. And most it is trash that, if they were at home, they would probably recycle. Having in-room recycling bins would reduce this but according to hotels, the issue of trash recycling in hotels is a complicated issue.

Green Travel Gear…

In this day and age, no one travels without a re-charge or two or three. Mostly, it’s the type that you plug into a wall socket. But with more and more solar powered chargers, such as thepowermonkey-eXplorer, becoming available, maybe now is the time to make a change.

Green Food…

Love food. Love Travel. Want to be green? Why not become a culinary eco-tourist,  gathering foods from the wild and then learning how to prepare them in the kitchen.

Green Destinations….

If you are heading to Brisbane, Australia, be sure to check out the city’s brand new solar powered footbridge. Opened earlier this month, the bridge links Brisbane’s Central Business District and the South Bank art precinct. Featuring a complicated sun-powered LED lighting system that can produce a number of different lighting effects. Spanning 470 meters, the footbridge is considered one of the longest in the world.

And finally, this month’s green destinations include the U.S. Virgin Islands, Chicago, and Hawaii

Happy green travels…

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