The October Issue of Perceptive Travel Magazine

perceptivetravelSeems like just yesterday I was reviewing the  September issue of Perceptive Travel magazine. And yet, here I am again, sitting with my coffee on a Sunday morning reading great travel stories from the October issue. Just goes to show, time really does fly.

So what’s in the line up for October?

Besides the regular book reviews and music reviews which always make me want to rush out the nearest Borders and load up on books and CDs, there are  three feature articles to have you hoping around the world.

First up, regular contributor Amy Rosen heads to Hudson Bay to get up close and personal with polar bears. Polar bears are normally associated with snow and ice. But it turns out that these ones take their summer vacation snacking and napping on verdant grasses along the shores of the Hudson Bay in front of the Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Might sound a little close for comfort for some people, but with Amy’s descriptions of the polar bears looking like ‘sleepy giants in terrycloth robes, shuffling off to the kitchen for their first cup of coffee’, all I want to do is book a flight over and see for myself.

Meanwhile, Luke Armstrong, another PT regular, writes about Finding Maximón, or San Simón, a crafty Mayan deity or Catholic saint (depending on who you ask), while living down in Antigua, Guatemala. The search for Maximón led Luke and his travelling companions to Lake Atitlán in the Guatemalan highlands. As to whether they found the crafty deity, nowadays represented by a wooden statue usually smoking a cigarette whose house is changed yearly during holy week processions, you’ll have to read the article to find out…

Then new Perceptive Travel contributor Amy Carlson takes us to Japan for a journey of renewal along the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail. Along the way, she meets a local who, by flying an imaginary kite, provides Amy with a gift, a message of grace, greatly needed after a year of heaviness and weary.

And as usual, there is a great giveaway lined up – three pairs of quick-dry travel underwear from ExOffico. Read the review over at Pracitcal Travel Gear to find out more about this underwear. As anyone who has been on the road for a while will attest to, quick-drying underwear is a must. The winner picks the gender, style, and color.

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Happy reading…

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