Green Travel News: Cruises, Soap, and eating in tree houses…

491821_leave_nothing_but_footprints___Travel by cruise ship is not green according to this report released recently by the environmental group Friends of the Earth. Their report card which graded 10 major cruise ship lines found almost all of them are failing in their attempts to reduce pollution. The highest grade –  a “B” – went to Holland America Line. Norwegian Cruise Lines and Princess Cruises each got a “B-minus, ” Carnival Cruise Lines received a “D-minus”, and  Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International both got an “F”.

Ever wonder what happens to all the soap that gets thrown away in hotels?

Mostly, it just gets dumped.

But 40 hotels in Atlanta is participating in a ‘soap for Africa program’. These hotels are collecting used hotel soap and recycling them for use in refugee camps in Uganda. It’s a great way to not only help the environment but also help fight the spread of disease.

Meanwhile, nature loving dinners should bookmark these tree house restaurants. Taking al fresco dining to the extreme, these restaurants, located around the world (including New Zealand), look like a fun and unique way to enjoy local cuisine.

Other green travel news tidbits…

Associated Press writes about how Cuba hopes green tourism can keep it in the black

SFGate looks at green souvenirs for Hawaii’s eco-friendly tourists.

Inhabitat reports on Vulcano Buono, an huge cone-shaped ‘green’ commercial center that’s been built in the Italian city of Nola.

Intelligent Travel introduces us to the Man Bikes Around the World With $2 in Pocket.

Green Dairy reports that Shanghai Expo 2010 to have a pavilion made from recylable plastic

Peter Greenberg writes about Rainforest Foraging in Costa Rica

Seattle Times reports on the Climate Passport kiosks at San Francisco Airport

And finally, the green destinations of the week are Providence, Rhode Island and Portland, Oregon

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