Australia Uncorked at Sydney’s Wine Odyssey

I had always assumed that in order to have an authentic wine adventure you had to leave the city and head for the surrounding wineries. But on a recent trip to Sydney, Australia, I found out that’s not necessarily true.

wine-odyssey6Wine Odyssey provides a full-on interactive wine adventure right in the heart of the city. Located in the infamous Rocks area of Sydney, this wine bar, which features wines from hundreds of boutique wineries, takes you on a fun and relaxing wine  journey.

All you have to do is walk through the Wine Odyssey’s doors and into the Wine Journey Room to know you’re on to a good thing. This room, where you can test a wide selections of Australian wines by the 25ml, 75ml, or 150ml glass, is self-service (via automated card-activated system) which means instead of having to look and act knowledgeable, you can simply pour and taste.

wine-odyssey1Of course, you might actually want to  sharpen your knowledge of Australian wines. The  best way to do that is by booking the Tasting Theater experience which lets you wine taste while watching a 45 minute film by six Australian winemakers.

Sitting on a stool in the small darkened theater, which resembles a high school science lab, you are greeted by the winemakers who discuss how their wines evolved. It’s quite an intimate experience, especially when each of the winemakers raise their glass and talks you through the various aromas and tastes you can expect to experience as you are sipping (tasting) their wine.

Then it’s off to the Aroma Room where you can put your nose to work. This small room has a collection of 50 plus aromas that are commonly found in wine, ranging from rose, lemon, and pineapple to wet leather, molding earth, and rotten eggs. Wander around the room,  read the fact sheets,  pull out aroma spigots and inhale. Your nose will never be the same again.

Once you’ve had enough aroma smelling, head back downstairs for food (and more wine). Or maybe just more wine. No one here is in a rush for you to leave. There are plenty of small rooms, complete with comfy seats and sofas, to rest, relax, and reflect.

Wine buffs and novices alike will be seduced by this treasure trove of wine.

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