Thoughts from a Taco Bell in Waco, Texas

I’ve been a little hard to find on the PT blog lately, and I feel badly about it. The semi-good news is that my excuse is a new business, and we launch this week.

My partner Becky McCray and I are starting Tourism Currents; it’s an online learning community and membership site for tourism professionals who are interested in social media.

How does a woman in Texas (me) and a woman in Oklahoma (Becky) go about starting a business together?

A lot of Skype video calls and shared Google documents, that’s how.

We did get together in person last week, though, in Dallas (that’s about the halfway mark between our homes.)  I was so pumped afterwards that I made a pit stop for a late lunch in Waco, and used Utterli to record this audio post from my cell phone in the Taco Bell parking lot.

‘Cause I know how to have an exciting time in Waco!

(If you can’t see the audio player box below, here’s the URL directly to the recording.)

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