Update on where to eat in Whitefish, MT: sushi, Mexican fusion, and more Moose Drool

In my last post about Whitefish, Montana, which I’m currently visiting, I recommended a number of places to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The list included Pollo Grille, which unfortunately turns out to be closed. A pity, as it was a great place to go for a special dinner.

However, Lisa Jones from Whitefish commented and had a couple other recommendations instead. Try out Pescado Blanco, she says, or Wasabi Sushi Bar and Ginger Grille. Pescado is a Mexican fusion restaurant gathering its cuisine from the geographical stretch including Southern Mexico and Northwestern Montana. The menu includes taquitos and and Mexican Caesar salad, but also beet soup. And Food & Wine magazine says the Wasabi Bar’s “Montana rolls (smoked rainbow trout with mountain whitefish caviar) are not to be missed.”

And for purely selfish reasons I chose not to include the Great Northern Bar & Grill. It’s always been one of my favorite places for a cold Moose Drool after a long day of hiking and some years ago I got tired of tourists invading the real local hangout because they’d read in the guidebooks that it was a “real local hangout.” But for a grungy-looking bar, it’s surprisingly family friendly and smoke-free. Kids are more than welcome, when accompanied by parents, and the afternoon to evening time reverberates with families playing pool and ping-pong in the games room. Menu is standard burgers, fries, etc., but they’re tasty and reasonably priced and especially satisfying when accompanied by beer and consumed in the ivy-covered outdoor patio.

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