Air New Zealand Has Nothing to Hide

Air New Zealand sure has come up with a unique way of getting it’s passengers to pay attention to the routine safety information.

Their new Bare Essentials of Safety video features body painted Air New Zealand staff.

But they are not the only ones being creative.

Thanks to Tripso, I discovered that Forbes has put together a list of what they consider the 10 best travel and tourism campaigns

Check them out…

10. Virginia Is For Lovers (1969-ongoing)

9. Oregon’s “150 Challenge” (2009)

8. Canada: Locals Know (2009)

7. Alaska B4UDIE (2005)

6. Pure Michigan (2006 – ongoing)

5.  Jamaica: Once You Go, You Know (2004 – ongoing)

4. Australia — Paul Hogan’s Spots (1984-1990)

3. New Zealand: 100% Pure (1999 – ongoing)

2. Incredible India (2009)

1. Las Vegas: What Happens Here Stays Here (2003 – ongoing)

Great list but it seems to be missing my favorite…

Any others you can think of that should be on the list?

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